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I create visual experiences for editorial, agencies, brands and global companies. I've worked with the world's largest, but largely the world's smallest. Regardless, the common denominator is establishing an honest and open relationship with others, sharing enthusiasm, ethics and drive. This is the path to great work.



Grateful to have collaborated with the world's leading brands and creative minds. General Electric, Ray-Ban, Louis Vuitton, BBDO, LA Tourism, Oahu Visitors Bureau, Icelandair, Bombardier, AOPA, Wired, O Magazine, TIME, Engine Alliance, Pratt & Whitney


General Electric Co

Paris, Dubai, London, Wales and points between, I've globe trotted creating commercial imagery for General Electric Co. From dusty remote airstrips to the world's busiest, my assignments require me to tap my aviation background and produce images of GE's technology on the ground and in the air.


Energy BBDO

Energy BBDO pitched an assignment requiring landscapes and aerials from sea to shining sea. Six months and 7,500 mi later, I traveled from the Florida Everglades to Washington's Mt. Rainier. The California redwoods. The South Dakota Badlands. Glacier National Park. And.. you get the idea. The client? OFF!


Louis Vuitton

It turns out Nicolas Ghesquière, the lead designer at Louis Vuitton enjoyed my aviation images on Instagram. He put his people in touch with my people and when I woke up, I was watching the LV Spring/Summer Paris Fashion featuring my images walk down a different sort of runway.


La Tourism

Making shots of Los Angeles from a doors off helicopter, piloted by the best of the best is a slam dunk. L.A. and surrounding neighborhoods have it all... mountains, cityscapes, coastline and countless landmarks. The assignment? Make em all look irresistibleBoth day and night. Done.



Humbled, fortunate and honored to have had the opportunity to be interviewed and featured by Smithsonian Air and Space, TIME, Wired, Fast Company, Buzzfeed, Instagram, Huffington Post, Readers Digest, Condé Nast and more. I'm sincerely grateful to the curators, authors, editors, writers and bloggers who have been generous with their time exploring my life, work and methodology.



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