Los Angeles x 1DX2

I spent four cumulative days and nights in the air over Los Angeles. We covered all corners of the city and beyond. I had at my disposal incredibly talented pilots who were able to get the best looks possible. I shot with a Canon 1DX MK2 and a 24-70 mm f2.8 L lens and a Hasselblad HD3 with a 50mm lens but almost exclusively made my frames with the Canon. The 1DX is the premier aerial camera. Rugged, fast and most importantly a night hawk when the sun dips. The only drawback in my book is the weight. It makes holding the horizon level a chore, especially without a stabilizer.

The Hasselblad produces gigantic, beautifully rich files. But this camera is not made for the harsh conditions of an open air helicopter. Not to mention, that sensor needs a metric ton of light, so when the sun dips, it's game over.

Adam SenatoriComment