Smashing Creative RESISTANCE

This post is an addendum to my YouTube EP 03, Smashing Creative Resistance. Check it out here.

The bane of artists, creative resistance. This invisible and insidious force will rob you of your creative potential. Until recently, I wasn't aware of how powerful resistance is. Once I read The War of Art it became painfully aware that I've let this force corrupt my creative decision making for a good part of my 15 year commercial career.

The book took me a day to read if that. I was riveted. Page after page I was thinking “yep that’s me, yep, yep, yep” and upon finishing I was embarrassed by how much I had either ignored or more accurately mis understood resistance. I didn't come upon this book until about a year ago, almost 14 years into my 15 year career as a commercial artist.

Since, I’ve learned to combat this force using emotion. Specifically regret and missed opportunity. Over the years, it’s become apparent that I’ve let resistance dominate my decision making process. Let’s take starting a YouTube channel as an example. I came up with every excuse imaginable over the years NOT to start the channel. That was resistance. Once I recognized the resistance, I combatted it with regret and mis opportunity. Regret over not starting YouTube in 2014 when I should have. How many missed opportunities were there? I’m guessing a lot. Either way, I realized I didn’t want to feel regret any longer and launched the channel.

What’s your resistance? Making a photobook? Starting a podcast? What ever it is, get a handle on that bullshit voice in your head telling you not to for whatever reason and dive in.

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