Pricing STOCK photos

In this episode, we'll discuss establishing a baseline price for your stock photos. By stock photos, mean photos you've already taken, they may be sitting on your hard drive, or perhaps you've uploaded them to your website or Instagram. Maybe one caught fire and got a lot of attention. Cool. Now what when someone or an agency emails or DMs you asking to license that photo for their own commercial purposes. Great! Now's the time to do the work. How do you respond? Fire off a hasty email in response with a generic number? No. Respond with some follow up questions, further drilling down on exactly what they need regarding the license then head over to Getty Images and start price checking. Using the search bar, type in terms that generally describe the photo you are about to license, look for Royalty Free images, note the price, then search for Rights Managed, note the price and use an aggregate to price your image.

Adam SenatoriComment