We got your look.

Hello! We're a Madison, Wisconsin creative duo offering on-location, bespoke headshots, portraits, and environmental portraits for corporations, businesses, firms, founders, brands, and individuals.

I've collaborated with filmmaker and photographer Scott Kunkel. We operate independent creative studios in Madison, Wisconsin, and also host the Collaborate Forever podcast. For 2022, we decided to join forces on select projects. One of our main endeavors is producing quality portraits of professionals, founders, owners, and artists in the Madison area. Together we're able to work efficiently, on-location, saving you and your team valuable time.

We provide bespoke professional headshots, portraits, and environmental portraits in the Madison, Wisconsin area, including Middleton, Hilldale, Monroe Street, UW-Madison, State Street, Capital Square, Willy Street, Sun Prairie, Verona, and Fitchburg.

Each session is tailored to match your needs. Everyone has different goals and objectives. Some may need a straightforward headshot to update or refresh their professional look. Others may be looking for a custom look to complement their personal website or better showcase their creative side.

Our approach is to charge by half hour. Experience has shown this is the most cost-effective and efficient way to meet your goals. We know on average, it's possible to get 3-5 images in 30 minutes, 4-6 in an hour with a wardrobe change, and up to 12 images in 90 minutes with a couple of wardrobe and lighting changes. Regardless, we maximize each session and get as many looks as possible within the allotted time.

Take some time and read through the case study below. I break down a long portrait session with Taylor DiRenzio and provide insight into our workflow, what to expect and what's possible within various timeframes.


Case study

Let's consider a recent two-hour headshot and portrait session with Taylor.  He arrived with a number of different outfits and was ready to go. An extended session like this affords time to get straightforward shots taken care of first with plenty of time to get creative, experiment, and play later.

Business in the front. Party in the back.

That said, this long shoot can be broken down into three half-hour sessions depending on your needs as we'll see below.

30 minutes

Our stock setup uses two strobes, one main key light, and a modifier paired with subtle edge light. We have a portable white and neutral gray backdrop and can adjust the lighting to achieve different levels of shade.

This setup is quick and can be assembled in small spaces like empty offices, conference or break rooms even hallways. We shoot tethered, meaning the camera is connected to a Macbook and the images are available on-screen for review instantaneously. This allows us to make subtle changes on the fly and lets you see our progress and make input.

We'll start off a few steps back with 1/2 length (waist-up) shots, step forward for 1/4 length (chest-up), and end with head and shoulders.  Total time on your part is less than 15 minutes and will yield 3-5 high-resolution images.

The resulting images are perfect for corporate websites, or professional online spaces such as Indeed, Monster, Glassdoor, Linkedin, etc.

With this minimal setup, we're able to tackle large groups of employees and teams quickly, efficiently with minimal downtime and consistent-looking images across your site.

Within 15 minutes, we were able to capture 3-5 distinct images of Taylor from the waist up by varying our distance from him and having him make subtle pose changes in-between flashes.



60 minutes

Sticking with our stock setup, we'll break for a few moments, take some breaths, shake things out and loosen the tie so to speak. Okay, for real loosen the tie and switch to something business casual. In 30 to 60 minutes, we have time for about two additional looks, meaning a couple of simple wardrobe changes or one involved change. In this example, we changed his suit coat and dress shirt, reflecting a business casual Taylor.

We'll also swap backgrounds from white to gray, bring in an apple crate to sit on. Try some new relaxed postures.


90 minutes

Onwards! Let's shift gears into weekend mode. Here we just flow and allow for organic creativity. We're moving quickly, trying unusual poses, moving lights around, cracking jokes, and acting on vibes. This is where personalities come to the front.

In the last half hour, we really let it fly taking close to 100 photos. Of course, many of those didn't make it as final selects, but that's not the point. Our objective is to let things happen.

We aim to create an additional six or so images on top of the three to five bases images we already made above. These extra images create a cohesive series of around 10 - 12 final images.

At the end of our session, we'll huddle up and make some selects on the spot, ideally ending with up to a dozen unique poses and looks.

We'll break down the set, make some basic edits to the selects and deliver them to you via Google Drive.


Environmental portraits

One of my favorite things to do is put people in their place. In the literal sense of course! I love opportunities to make portraits within their native environmental spaces. Backdrop portraits have their purpose as we saw above. They provide standardization and are the gold standard for corporate websites and social media bios.

Environmental portraits on the other hand tell the rest of the story. The surrounding environment illuminates, provides context, and frames the subject. I find people are more comfortable in their space, more natural and relaxed. They can be anywhere! From an airline flight deck to a clinic to a mural.

I've included a few of my favorite environmental portraits below. Each image is unique and requires a bespoke approach to lighting and modification. Often we'll need to re-arrange a few things, or ahem, tidy things up a bit.



Here's an example of a fashion/jewelry portrait I made. This was an advertising / editorial shoot featuring a number of pieces. The set was straightforward as I placed the model five feet from a black velvet backdrop and used a single Profoto B10 paired with a Profoto beauty dish. 

We had both a hair stylist and makeup artist on the set as well as a jeweler and art director. The challenge in this shot was to arrange each piece in the frame in an organic and natural way.



The form below will help us get an idea of what you need. For general questions and inquiries feel free to email me at hello@adamsenatori.com