Super Flower Blood Moon

May 15, 2022
1 min read

Gaze into space

Close your eyes and gaze into your visual field, as though into a dark sky. And notice that your visual field is no less present and completely undefined. There's no reference to the body in this space. What you see isn't merely the space behind your eyelids, it's the space of mind. Notice anything that appears there. - Waking Up Daily Meditation

Tech notes

Here's some additional info for those interested in the gritty details. This shot is a composite. Because the moon was so bright, I had to use the following settings to retain the details; focus on the moon, f2.8, and 2-second exposure at ISO 500. The side effect is these settings are too fast to capture the stars. The resulting image is a perfectly exposed moon and little else.

So what to do?

Shoot another frame with the focus set to infinity, adjust the settings to what I usually use for astrophotography, 15-second exposure at f2.8, and ISO 2500.

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