Adam Senatori is a photographer, director, and creative studio based in Madison, Wisconsin.

Since 2005, Adam's been visually connecting the creative dots for clients large and small, near and far. His background informs his creative interpretations, chosen mediums, artistic impressions, and relationships. His father, an art director, mother an art historian, Adam spent considerable time as a kid on photosets, in darkrooms, wasting expensive dry-transfer Letraset, dog-earing Communication Arts, and visiting art museums. Years later, well, he's pretty much doing the same things except for the Letraset, which is hard to find, and expensive.

But there's more to the story. He's also been an airline pilot.


It's a long story, and only important in that it's helped him learn to help others. And listen. And focus on what's important. Connecting dots. This is the path to great work.