We got your look

Hello! We're a Madison, Wisconsin creative duo offering on-location, bespoke headshots, portraits, and environmental portraits for corporations, businesses, firms, founders, brands, and individuals.

I've collaborated with filmmaker and photographer Scott Kunkel. We operate independent creative studios in Madison, Wisconsin, and host the Collaborate Forever  podcast. In addition, we've joined forces on particular projects like producing quality portraits and headshots.

Together we're able to work efficiently, on-location, saving you and your team valuable time.

We offer professional headshots, portraits, and environmental portraits of professionals, owners, founders, work teams, and employee groups in the Madison, Wisconsin area, including Middleton, Hilldale, Monroe Street, UW-Madison, State Street, Capital Square, Willy Street, Sun Prairie, Verona, and Fitchburg.

Each session is tailored to match your needs. Everyone has different goals and objectives. Some may need a straightforward headshot to update or refresh their professional look. Others may be looking for a custom look to complement their personal website or better showcase their creative side.



Our approach is to charge by half hour. Experience has shown this is the most cost-effective and efficient way to meet your goals. We know on average, it's possible to get:

  • 3-5 images in 30 minutes
  • 4-6 in an hour with a wardrobe change
  • 10-12 images in 90 minutes with a couple of wardrobes and lighting changes.

Regardless, we maximize each session and get as many looks as possible within the allotted time.

Take some time and read through the case study below. I break down a 90-minute session with Taylor DiRenzio and provide insight into our workflow, what to expect and what's possible within various timeframes.



Session length: 30 minutes

Looks: one

Final selects: 3-5


Headshots on a plain white or neutral gray background are the gold standard, perfect for corporate websites, about us and staff website pages, or professional online spaces such as Indeed, Monster, Glassdoor, Linkedin, etc.

For teams or employee groups of five or greater, we offer graduated discounts and will quote you accordingly.

Scott and I can assemble our setup in small spaces like empty offices, conference or break rooms even hallways. By connecting the camera to a Macbook, we can instantaneously review our progress, make subtle changes on the fly and receive input from you.


We start a few steps back from Taylor with 1/2 length (waist-up) shots, step forward for 1/4 length (chest-up), and end with head and shoulders. In just 10 minutes, we had 3-5 similar-looking but distinctly different images. Again, Taylor was a pro and made subtle adjustments to his posture and poses in-between strobe flashes.

Our base setup is one key light, above and to the right, one accent strobe behind and left, and a simple neutral background. With this minimal setup, we're able to tackle large groups of employees and teams quickly efficiently with minimal downtime and consistent-looking images across your site.


Pro X

from $1800

Session length: 10- 15 minutes 

Looks: one

Final selects: 3-5


Similar to the Pro package described above but priced for volume. Teams or employee groups of five or greater, we offer graduated, tiered discounts and will quote you accordingly. The first five individuals are priced at $450.00 each. Subsequent individuals are then discounted. Contact me for an accurate quote.

We'll set up in an empty conference room, breakroom, or office and remain on site until we have completed headshots of all individuals in your employee group or team. 

On average, we can work with six individuals per hour, or 48 within an eight-hour session. 

We'll also provide the team leader with sign-up forms via spreadsheet and instructions on preparing your group ahead of time for the best possible headshots, wardrobe, etc.


For your team portraits, we offer plain backgrounds or can divide the group into positions and create environmental-style shots based on where they work within your business. I've provided some examples here from a recent session at Cat Care Clinic in Madison, WI.

Before the session, Scott and I divided up the individuals based on where they work within the business and made the headshots accordingly. Forward-facing employees headshots were done in the front of the business, where customers would expect to see them, vet techs in the lab, and vets in their offices or exam rooms.

This environmental approach yields a varied yet cohesive look that helps give your customers context and insight into the people who make your business shine.

Note, because of the additional setups, we add an additional 20% to the final invoice for the environmental look.


Pro Plus


Session length: 30 - 60 minutes

Looks: 2-3

Final selects: 5-7


We'll break for a few moments, take some breaths, shake things out, loosen the tie, and switch to something business casual. 

We have time for about two additional looks, meaning a couple of simple wardrobe changes or one involved change.

We'll also swap backgrounds from white to gray bring in an apple crate to sit on. Try some new relaxed postures.


Taylor changed looks into a blue suit coat and patterned dress shirt, going business casual. We also had him seated on a stool, tried a few other subtle pose changes, and swapped backgrounds to neutral gray.




Session length: 60 - 90 minutes

Looks: 3-4

Final selects: 9-12


This session is geared to those looking for a custom look. In 60 - 90 minutes, we have time for wardrobe changes, additional hair, make-up, lighting, and backdrop changes.

We flow and create organically, moving quickly, trying unusual poses,  cracking jokes, and acting on vibes. Our objective is to let things happen.


Taylor made another wardrobe change, this time into a plain white t-shirt and winter coat. In this session, we just had fun, tried different lighting configurations, and really tried to keep things loose rather than adhering to formal and conventional poses.



from $750

Backdrop portraits have their purpose, as we saw above. They provide standardization and are the gold standard for corporate websites and social media bios.

Environmental portraits tell the rest of the story. The surrounding environment illuminates, provides context, and frames the subject. People are more comfortable in their space, more natural and relaxed. They can be anywhere! 

I've included a few of my recent environmental portraits. Each image is unique and requires a tailored approach to lighting and modification. Often we'll need to re-arrange a few things, or ahem, tidy things up a bit.

Environmental portraits start at $750. Looking at the examples, you'll see no two environmental portraits are alike. We plan for at least 90 minutes, allowing for time to assess the set and appropriately light you and the scene.



from $750

We can also create fashion images and collaborate with local stylists and jewelers!

Here's an example of a portrait created for an advertising shoot featuring several pieces. The set was straightforward as I placed the model five feet from a black velvet backdrop and used a single Profoto B10 paired with a Profoto beauty dish. 

We had both a hairstylist and makeup artist on the set and a jeweler and art director. The challenge in this shot was to arrange each piece in the frame organically and naturally.



What is required to book a session?

We ask for 50% down at the time of booking. The remaining balance at the start of the session.

Do you have a studio?

No. We come to you. That said, we don't need much space to set up, breakrooms, empty offices even hallways work. Weather permitting outside is an option or garages. We may have a room available in downtown Madison Q2 2022, but we're remote only for now.

Can I see the images we've taken before I leave?

Absolutely! Even better, I shoot with the camera tethered via USB to a MacBook Pro, so you'll have instantaneous feedback on the images as we go.

Do you have MUA or hairstylists?

MUA (make-up artist) and hairstylists, we have recommendations, but neither directly on the team. They will be billed separately, usually directly to the artist. If you have an artist... cool!

What is a "look", you mention that a lot in the above descriptions.

It's a loosely used term in fashion and photography, but I use it to refer to a wardrobe or outfit. So in our examples above, Taylor had one "look" in the Pro, changed into a different suit coat and dress shirt in the Pro Plus. So he had two "looks". Then in the Signature session, he changed into a white t-shirt and jacket making three "looks" and on.

How long does it take to get my final high-res images?

After the session, we'll huddle together and select your final images. Since we prefer to get it right in-camera, there's not much to do in post-production other than basic color corrections and minor retouching.

That said, we can have your final images ready within one business day if you need them that fast. Otherwise, three business days is the default.

How will I get my final images?

We'll upload them to Google Drive and send you the link. The files will be available for 30 days then deleted, so you'll need to save them on your own device.


Spring 2022 sessions

We're currently booking weekdays 9:00 am - 2:00 pm but can be flexible and often have odds and ends in our schedules. Please include as much detail as possible about what you need when you email. We typically respond the same day with availability and quotes. Hope to see you soon!